Assessment for Learning

Assessing Student Learning

The IFL offers several different ways for teachers to make sure students are learning key concepts, practices, and skills in the content areas.

Curriculum-Embedded Formative and Summative Assessments

Performance-Based Assessments

Many of the new state assessments include performance-based assessments (PBAs). To prepare students for these assessments, the IFL offers PBAs in English language arts, history, mathematics, and science. Designed as practice assessments for students, our PBAs help teachers identify what students know and can do and determine next steps for instruction. Click on the boxes below to see the PBAs we offer in each content area.

Assessing Classroom Instruction

The IFL also offers tools that assist educators to assess progress in achieving instructional improvement and set goals for future professional learning. These diagnostic tools include content-specific classroom observation protocols; tools that assess the quality of texts, tasks, and student talk; and tools that help leaders in calibrating their vision of high-quality instruction in each content area.

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