Onsite Professional Development

The IFL has a cohesive suite of professional development offerings that have been developed over 20 years and that are grounded in research-based approaches to adult and student learning. Our professional development ranges from short, targeted workshops to courses that are embedded in multi-year and multi-discipline school, district, or state partnerships.

We work with educators to design and enact instruction that invites effort and supports all students to be college and career ready. Educators work collaboratively to build and spread expertise and cultivate effective leadership practices. We also offer professional development to help educators use and learn from our instructional materials.

Professional development courses take place in your school or district. We work closely with school or district leaders to ensure that course content aligns with school and district goals. Our professional development is content-specific. Each session in a professional development course typically ranges from one to three days and includes up to 50 participants.

If you're interested in professional development beyond what we offer to school or district partners, please see our online offerings, self-study tools, and conferences and workshops.

Features of The IFL's Professional Development

Engages educators in authentic problems of practice

Participants work collaboratively to explore genuine inquiries and engage in conversations to solve authentic problems of practice.

Focuses on content and how students learn content

Participants do the tasks, read the texts, and engage in the discussions. Then they identify what it takes to do the work and explore what that means for their roles. By engaging as learners, educators advance their content knowledge, calibrate their expectations for students, and develop a common vision of high-quality instruction.

Engages educators as reflective practitioners

Participants study artifacts of practice, including texts, tasks, lessons, student work, video, and learning logs. They use these artifacts to reflect on, expand, and rethink current practice and set professional goals.

Seeds district with research-based tools

We provide educators with teaching and professional learning tools to assist them in their instructional improvement efforts. Our tools promote collaboration, connect individuals across role groups, address problems of practice, and help transform new practices into routine ways of working.

Embodies the principles of learning

The Principles of Learning are a set of features that are present in classrooms and schools where students are successful. Our professional development and instructional materials are based on this set of principles.

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